What Sweets Can Be Found When Purchasing Pick n Mix?

The concept of pick-n-mix has been popular for many years, but outlets that allow customers to build their own bespoke sweet collection are not as prominent as they once were.

Not only does this mean that avid fans of pick n mix are left wanting, but it also means younger generations are missing out in the excitement of creating their own tailored selection of sweets,

Those who have not experienced pick-n-mix in the past often ask what sweets can be found. The content of pick-n-mix much depends on the platform you use. 

For example, So Sweet not only offers British classics, but also allows customers to sample sweets from overseas as part of their pick-and-mix selection.

The secret to creating a successful pick n mix selection is having access to a wide selection of treats, which ensures your next pick n mix experience is a pleasurable one.

The following is a mere overview of the delicious delights that could be part of your next pick-n mix.

Wham Chew Bars

Wanting to recreate the 80s or 90s in a zingy way? Then why not opt for the iconic taffy that is the Wham Bar? A bold fruity flavour with an added dash of tang thanks to the crystals contained within.

Dolly Mixture

Despite the popularity of Dolly Mixture, there are no confirmed origins. However, the concept is presumed to have been created during the British Raj, consisting of beans, legumes, and peas.

The Dolly Mixture many will remember is a selection of soft fondant fruity sweets that remain a popular favourite among those with a sweet tooth.

Apple Bons Bons

Although many have experienced a series of delicious bon bons over the years, few will have tried the tangy variant that is Apple Bons Bons.

Offering the same perfect powdery texture and chewy centre as other bon bons, the awesome apple flavour is perfect for those who enjoy embracing new variants of classic sweets.

Haribo Jelly Babies

Despite the amount of choice available regarding pick n mix, there are some inclusions that are mandatory.

Jelly Babies have been a firm favourite among households for many generations, and those that love pick-n-mix can now ensure their sweet selection is never incomplete.

Chocolate Sports Balls

Not only does pick-n-mix consist of jellies and chews, but also chocolate. If you thought that the chocolate you used to love as a child is no longer available, then think again.

Chocolate Sport Balls are delicious sold balls of chocolate with decorative foil that transforms the treats into footballs, rugby balls and basketballs.

The Chocolate Sports Balls are perfect for those who want a taste of the past, as well as those that enjoy sports in general.

Chocolate Limes

There are several iterations of boiled sweets available, but Chocolate Limes are often cited as one of them most popular, and it is not difficult to understand why.

A delicious lime flavour is mixed with a delicious chocolate centre that offers a distinct taste. Regardless of whether you are reading the newspaper or making a lengthy car journey, Chocolate Limes are the perfect accompaniment in both instances.

Fizzy Jelly Mix

Are you partial to a fizzy gummy sweet, but cannot decide on your favourite? Then why not consider the Fizzy Jelly Mix from So Sweet?

All your favourite fizzy sweets make it into the mix, including fizzy dummies and cola bottles. If you are looking for a retro treat or a gift idea for those with a sweet tooth, then look no further than the fabulous Fizzy Jelly Mix from So Sweet.

Strawberry Crème Filled Pencils

Although many people enjoy liquorice, others will be looking for a fruity alternative. If the taste of Glycyrrhiza is too much, then why not consider some delicious Strawberry Crème Gilled Pencils?

The delicious fruit taste is complemented with a delicious fondant filling that will transport you back to your childhood in no time.

Like other treats available at So Sweet, Strawberry Crème Filled Pencils are perfect for all the family and are the perfect addition to children’s party bags.

Pint Pots

The introduction of Cola Bottles meant beverage-themed candy soon became popular, so it should come as no surprise that a classic pint of beer had its own sweet incarnation.

This unique and fun gummy sweet offers the smell and taste of beer, but can be enjoyed by all the family. Regardless of whether you remember them as beer bottles or pint pots, these delicious gummies are perfect for those searching for a retro treat for dad. 

The sweets listed are merely an overview of the classic treats that can be included in your own tailored pick-n-mix. 


Not sure where to start with your next pick-n-mix? Or maybe you just want to be surprised? Then why not choose one of the many pre-made selections available at So Sweet? 


As well as offering a wide selection of treats from all over the world, So Sweet also offers a variety of sodas, cereals and other delicious treats that can be delivered directly to your doorstep. 


Regardless of whether you want to treat yourself, a loved one or the whole family, customers can be confident that the perfect sweets are available when shopping with So Sweet. 

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