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Buy Pick and Mix Online and Choose from a Variety of Childhood Classics

There are many things that remind us of our childhood, including television programmes and toys. However, one of the most memorable aspects of being a child is the number of delicious treats that were available. Regardless of whether you were born in the 1950s or 1990s, there will be a sweet that many may have […]

Chocolate Bars: The History of the Treat We Take for Granted

Although it is easy to purchase chocolate nowadays, there was a time when the enjoyment of chocolate was limited to the wealthy. The history of chocolate dates back as 1000 BC, although chocolate would be used in different ways, including medicinal and ritualistic. After being introduced to Europe in the 1500s, chocolate would be enjoyed […]

Retro Sweets: Relive Your Childhood with Easy with Nostalgic Classics

Retro sweets offer something that conventional treats cannot, and that is memories. Regardless of whether you are searching for classics you enjoyed with friends in the playground, or want to show your own children the classic retro sweets you experienced in the past, there is plenty of choice available. Although many people are keen to […]