Retro Sweets: Relive Your Childhood with Easy with Nostalgic Classics

Retro sweets offer something that conventional treats cannot, and that is memories. Regardless of whether you are searching for classics you enjoyed with friends in the playground, or want to show your own children the classic retro sweets you experienced in the past, there is plenty of choice available.

Although many people are keen to enjoy retro sweets, some may not be sure of the options available. Fortunately, So Sweet has a wide choice of treats that can offer the perfect inspiration for those wanting to experience sweets from the past.

Candy Sticks Can Be Enjoyed in Their Original Form 

Although candy sticks are still available, they are often dry and chalky, and nothing like those we enjoyed in the past. Fortunately, the Candy Sticks from So Sweet are the same white sticks of joy many experienced as children.

Simply bite into the delicious white sticks, and you will be transported back to a time when boxes of these delicious treats came complete with a box themed on superheroes or football.

Fruit Salad and Black Jacks are Chewy Classics Everyone Adores 

There is significant debate as to which is the best chew, Fruit Salads or Black Jacks. On one hand, the Fruit Salad offers a tangy taste that offers the perfect blend of fruit flavours, whereas the Black Jack offers a bold taste of aniseed adored by liquorice lovers.

If you are unable to decide which is the best for you, then why not purchase a mixture of both and become familiar with the treats you used to enjoy in the past, only with effortless ordering and prompt delivery.

Milk Teeth are The Perfect Embodiment of Retro Sweets 

Everyone remembers the classic milk teeth, and many will remember the humour of placing them over your real teeth to the hilarity of the playground.

As well as the comedic value Milk Teeth offered, they were also delicious. There are variants of the treat available, but they are not the same as the retro sweets experienced in the past.

Fortunately, So Sweet can offer the same Milk Teeth you enjoyed so many years ago, and can ensure the experience on offer ensures the memories come flooding back.

Liquorice Torpedoes Level the Taste Using a Crisp Sugar Shell 

Liquorice can be an acquired taste, but it was as popular in the past as it is today, and this can be attributed to the innovative takes when creating liquorice-based sweets, including Liquorice Torpedoes.

Small strands of liquorice are covered in a crisp sugar shell, offering a bright contrast to the bold taste of liquorice.

Spearmint Chews are a Simple But Delicious Chew Still in Huge Demand 

There are many types of mints available, but not all of them offer the taste that those with a sweet tooth are searching for, especially those wanting to enjoy retro sweets.

However, there are options available that not only taste great, but offer a hit of nostalgia. Spearmint Chews were enjoyed by both children and adults in the past, and are just as delicious today.

The sooth spearmint taste partnered with the luxurious chewy texture ensures the perfect retro experience is delivered with ease.

Sherbet Fountains Still Stand Strong After Several Decades 

People enjoy liquorice in different ways, but those who experienced an abundance of treats in the past will often mention the classic Sherbet Dip as the treat of choice when getting the best from liquorice.

In its original form, the Sherbet Fountain was presented in a yellow tube made from paper and included a hollow piece of liquorice.

From 2009, the design evolved, replacing the paper with plastic, and now offering a solid piece of liquorice. Fortunately, these slight amendments only improved the classic treat, and can now be enjoyed by a new generation of sweet lovers.

Although many will remember the Sherbet Fountain in different packaging, those looking for a blast from the past will be glad to know the same explosive branding is available, as well as the same nostalgic taste.

Chocolate Jazzies Deliver a Delicious Crunch Courtesy of Sugar Sprinkles 

Chocolate comes in many forms, but those looking for a retro-inspired take on the classic chocolate taste will be familiar with Chocolate Jazzies.

These small brown chocolate discs are topped with delicious candy that offers a different take on chocolate.

Regardless of whether you have tried Chocolate Jazzies in the past, or simply want to fathom what all the fuss is about, then why not include the classic chocolate favourite in your next lot of pick n mix from So Sweet?

Why Not Have it All With a Barratt Retros Tub 

There will have been many times when children were spoilt for choice in the sweet shop. Should they spend their money on a Dip Dab? Or maybe invest in a Wham Bar?

The complicated decision-making is the only thing that has to remain in the past, thanks to the introduction of the Barratt Retros Tub.

This 630g tub of treats features something for everyone. Fans of classic chew bars can enjoy Wham Bars, Black Jacks and Fruit Salads, while those searching for a gummy experience can experience the classic Cola Bottle.

There are also Shrimps and Bananas, Dolly Mixtures and Refreshers, ensuring that regardless of who is searching for a nostalgic nibble, there will be something available with the Barratt Retros Tub. 

New and Exciting Treats Updated Regularly 

Regardless of whether you are looking for retro sweets that can no longer be found in high streets shops, or searching for snacks that can only be found stateside, then why not browse the full range of snacks, sweets, chocolates and beverages available at So Sweet. 

As well as being spoilt for choice, customers can be confident that they can enjoy their snacks sooner rather than later when shopping with So Sweet.

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