Buy Pick and Mix Online and Choose from a Variety of Childhood Classics

There are many things that remind us of our childhood, including television programmes and toys. However, one of the most memorable aspects of being a child is the number of delicious treats that were available.

Regardless of whether you were born in the 1950s or 1990s, there will be a sweet that many may have assumed no longer exists, but this is not the case.

Although there are many delicious treats available nowadays, there will be those that are searching to revisit the past, and pick and mix is the perfect way of doing this.

Some may be longing for one type of treat, whereas others may want to build their own bulk mix of sweets that can be shared with friends and family.

 Regardless of what treats you are craving, you can be confident that SoSweet has the largest choice of treats in the United Kingdom, with new additions being added all the time. As such, those seeking to cater to their sweet tooth will never be spoiled for choice.

If you are searching for some inspiration regarding your pick-n-mix, then why not consider the following sweets, chocolates and treats that can be combined for the ultimate retro sweet collection?

Fizzy Cola Bottles That Taste as Good AS They Always Have

Although cola bottles have continued to be in production, the options available do not match the quality and taste that fizzy cola bottles offered back in the day. SoSweet understands the importance of quality, which is why all Fizzy Cola Bottles provided are of the highest quality.

Fizzy Cola Bottles can be experienced on their own or mixed with other delicious fizzy treats from So Sweet.

Fizzy Peach Rings Introduce Fruit into the Mix

If you are searching for more fizz but want to embrace a fruity flavour, then the Fizzy Peach Rings are the perfect choice. The delicate taste of peach is matched with a fizzy overture that gives the classic fruit a whole new persona, as well as a bit of a kick.

Aniseed Balls are an Awesome Call-Back to The Good Old Days

The popularity of pick-n-mix can be attributed to the choice available, allowing for tailored treats that suit every palate perfectly.

Those longing for longevity will love the classic taste of Aniseed Balls. Not only is the longevity of Aniseed Balls appealing, but also the fragrant and strong flavour that is a hit among those that love liquorice.

Lemon Sherbets Offer Fizz and Longevity in Equal Measures

Some will be searching for sweets that can be sucked for an extended period, whereas others will be searching for fizz. However, if you are searching for both, then why not take advantage of Lemon Sherbets.

A crunch citrus outer shell is complemented with sherbet, allowing for a tasty explosion that will bring the memories flooding back.

Choc Nibbles Are a Treat That Never Go Out of Style

Although there are plenty of chocolate treats available, there is something about Choc Nibbles that sets them apart from other treats. Choc Nibbles combine delicious milk chocolate, biscuit, and toffee to create a treat where one handful is never enough.

As well as offering the original nibbles, SoSweet can also provide mint and orange variations, perfect for those that like to mix up their chocolatey treats.

Liquorice Cream Rock Are a Spicy Treat with Fruity Overtures

Liquorice is a treat adored by some, but neglected by others, but those that love the taste of liquorice should not assume they are not options available.

SoSweet understands that choice should be available with all types of treats, regardless of whether it is chocolate or liquorice.

Liquorice Cream Rock contains a fruity fondant centre complemented with a liquorice outer layer that combines two different taste sensations and is one of the most enjoyable ways of experiencing liquorice available.

Sugar-Free Options are Plentiful When Shopping with SoSweet

Although pick-n-mix is moreish, it is important to ensure that we are consuming sugar responsibility. However, there is no reason to cut out treats completely if you are trying to reduce your sugar intake, as SoSweet offers many sugar-free options that are just as delicious as the original iterations.

A series of gummies are on offer, including Fruit Salad, Gummy Bears and Cola Bottles, as well as sugar-free incarnation chocolate, toffees, boiled sweet and foams.

If you are keen to relive your childhood without having to spend a small fortune, then why not check out the variety of tasty timeless treats available at SoSweet today.

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