Pick n Mix in the Post: Order Pick n Mix and Retro Sweets with Ease

One of the most memorable childhood memories will be filling your bag with a selection of delicious treats, be it in the cinema or in the high street. However, the options regarding pick and mix have become in short supply in recent years, but this does not mean that those with a sweet tooth cannot have access to their favourite treats.

SoSweet understands the importance of being able to find the correct tasty treats, and with its prompt delivery service, there is no longer a need to have a heavy hankering for pick-n-mix and retro sweets.

If you were under the impression that the classic retro sweets you experienced as a child were no longer in existence, then prepare to be surprised with countless modern and retro sweets available when shopping with SoSweet.

The following is merely an overview of the treats that can be ordered and delivered promptly to your front door.

Barratts Softies Fruit Salad

There are several retro treats that have taken on modern forms, and the classic Fruit Salad is no exception. The original iteration of the Fruit Salad is a classic chew with fruity flavours, but this has been transforming into a foam sweet that contains the same delicious taste, but with a softer chew.

If you are a fan of retro chews, but have found your jaw has been working overtime, then why not give it some respite and enjoy these delicious and soft treats where one is never enough.

Wham Bar Chews

When we think of retro sweets, the Wham Bar is a bona fide classic. This could be attributed to its pocket-money price, or the delicious fruity and tangy taste it delivers. Regardless of the reason there is so much love for Wham Bars, you can be confident that Wham Bar Chews are the perfect treat for those that love nostalgic treats.

The Wham Bar Chews are mini iterations of the classic chew bar, containing the same wonderful taste you remember from all those years ago.

Giant Strawberries

Despite the amount of penny sweets and pick n mix available during our childhood, there will have been those who want to go big, and what better way to do this than with a Giant Strawberry.

Sure, the Giant Strawberry may have proved too much for the paper bags at the time, but it made up for this with size and delicious strawberry taste that will have the memories flooding back in no time.

Fried Eggs

What pick-n-mix would be complete without the classic Fried Egg. Of course, there has been significant speculation over whether these fruity flavoured treats are indeed eggs, or flying saucers.

Regardless of how you recognise these sweets, when ordering with COMPANY NAME, you can be confident that you are tasting the greatest treats in the business, and benefit from prompt delivery so you can carry out the debate further with friends and family.

Strawberry Lips

Although it was nigh on impossible to ensure the Strawberry Lips stayed in place, many children had a go at creating their own disguise with these nostalgic treats. However, this was not the only appeal of these retro classics, as they were also delicious.

Those wanting the perfect balance of nostalgia and taste will find that Strawberry Lips are an excellent choice and can be added to any pick-and-mix to create your own tailored bag of treats.

Fizzy Blue Bubblegum Bottles

Following the introduction of cola bottles, there was soon a wide selection of drink-themed treats, including Milk Bottles and Beer Bottles, but those looking for some fizz often opted for Fizzy Blue Bubblegum Bottles.

The classic bubble-gum taste is synonymous with the 1980s, as well as a massive hit among those that cannot get enough of fizzy treats.

If you have still to sample the fizzy experience, that is Fizzy Blue Bubblegum Bottles, then why not add some to your pick n mix today?

Chocolate Peanuts

What is the perfect treat for those that love nuts and chocolate? Chocolate peanuts of course. The simple but satisfying combination has been a hit among sweet shops and pick-n-mix for years, and although there are iterations of the treat available, they do not always hit the same beats as the classic original.

Fortunately, those wanting to take advantage of these nostalgic nutty treats can ensure they are getting the best Chocolate Peanuts when shopping with SoSweet.

The treats listed are only an overview of the delicious retro sweets that can be added to your pick-n-mix, along with many modern iterations.

Regardless of whether you want to treat yourself or someone else, those who shop with COMPANY NAME will soon be spoiled for choice when shopping for sweets.

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