Relive Your Youth with Retro Sweets and Pick n Mix

When we are young, the only thing that seems important is when our favourite television show is scheduled to show next. The transition to adulthood means the world is soon perceived differently, and the things we used to enjoy can be set aside.

Although there must be some regulation regarding the intake of sugar, So Sweet believes you are never too old to enjoy a classic treat.

When you consider So Sweet has a wide selection of retro sweets and pick n mix from the past, you will be glad to know that you are not alone when searching for the classic treats you enjoyed during your childhood.

Whether you are searching for pre-made sweet hampers as gift ideas or simply want to create the perfect pick-n-mix, So Sweet has you covered in every instance.

Fried Eggs or Flying Saucers? Reignite the Lifelong Question with Several Varieties

Fried Eggs are small foam and jelly sweets with a fruity flavour that take on the guise of a fried egg, at least to some. There has been a raging debate for decades, with many claiming the fried eggs are flying saucers.

The many iterations available from So Sweet are all referred to as Fried Eggs, but if you want to reignite the debate, why not consider the Bebeto Fried Eggs? Or the classic tuck shop variant, Swizzles Fried Eggs?

Relive the Fizz with Dip Dab

Although there were many sherbet-based treats to choose from during our childhood, Dip Dap was often among the favourites, and for good reason.

The sherbet was of high quality with a fizzy fruity tang, and the lollipop was the perfect compliment with its rich sweet flavour.

Some may be surprised to learn that Dip Dab is still in production, although finding your favourite treats in the high street can sometimes be challenging.

Fortunately, there is no need to face the stresses of the high street when searching for nostalgic sweets, as So Sweet can offer same day dispatch on order made.

This ensures you get your favourite sweets delivered promptly to your doorstep, without having to worry about a wasted journey.

Prove You Can Still Blow the Biggest Bubbles with Bodacious Bubble Gum Options

Bubble gum is a classic treat enjoyed for over 100 years, but there are still those keen to obtain the crown of ultimate bubble blower.

One of the reasons behind the popularity of bubble gum can be attributed to the fun factor that comes with blowing huge, bright bubbles at will.

Fortunately, So Sweet has a wide range of options to ensure you have plenty of training to cement your place as a bubble blowing legend.

Barratt Anglo Bubbly was a firm favourite among those who adore pick-n-mix and retro sweets, and can now be delivered directly to your door. Another retro favourite is Bubble Gum Balls, which can be enjoyed on their own, or with ice cream.  

Regardless of what you are looking for from bubble gum, So Sweet has a wide range of options that include retro classics and brand-new iterations.

Suck Away Your Stress with Lavish and Luscious Lollipops

Although lollipops are the perfect representation of retro sweets and pick-n-mix, they can offer some benefit regarding the management of stress.

It has been reported that sucking on lollipops can reduce anxiety, so it is not uncommon for grown-ups to search for retro lollipops they adored during their childhood.

Fortunately, there are no shortage of options regarding lollipops when shopping with So Sweet.

Those searching for classic stapes of the tuck shop can have Drumstick lollies delivered promptly. Those wanting to sample some new additions can sample Sweetzone Duo Lollies or Jawbreaker Jumbo Lollipops.

Enjoy Candy Sticks a They Should Be Enjoyed

Are you tired of the tasteless and brittle options available regarding candy sticks? Well, you are not the only one, and So Sweet can offer the original iteration of the simple but delicious treat in the form of Barratt Candy Sticks

The soft and chewy texture will reaffirm what all the fuss was about, and allow you to share your nostalgic treat with friends and family who may only be familiar with pale imitators. 

Chow Down on the Chew Bars of Yesteryear

Many people can assume their favourite sweets are no longer in production, which can be attributed to the lack of choice found when shopping for treats using conventional means.

Fortunately, choice is at the core of So Sweet, as made evident by its wide range of classic chews from yesteryear.

Highland Toffee was a firm favourite among children because of its creamy texture and affordable price, and can now be ordered with ease thanks to So Sweet. Those who prefer a tangy overture to their chew bars will be glad to hear that the fruity and fizzy Wham Bars can be ordered just as easily.

Make the Decision Making Simple with a Wide Range of Retro Sweet Hampers

Whether you are preparing for a party or want to ensure that when ordering treats, there is something for everyone, a retro sweet hamper can be the perfect fit.

So Sweet understands how difficult it can be to plan for the masses, which is why it offers a wide range of retro sweet hampers, including the Barratt Retro Tub or Swizzels Retro Mix.  

As you can see, there is plenty of choice regarding pick-n-mix and retro sweets when shopping with So Sweet. With new products added all the time, you can be confident of finding the perfect treat in every instance.

If you are searching for some classic treats or just want some inspiration for your next movie night, then why not browse the full range of the treats available at So Sweet today? 

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