Foam Sweets

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Are you searching for fabulous foam sweets you used to enjoy as a child? Or maybe you are looking for new additions to the foam sweet range.

Regardless of what treat you are looking for, SoSweet Pick n Mix can aid you in every instance, offering different foams that will bring the memories flooding back, as well as inspire you to try some new takes on a modern classic.

What Foam Sweets Are Available?

When people think of foam sweet, they often think of shrimps and bananas, but there are many foam-based treats to choose from, especially when shopping for treats with SoSweet Pick n Mix.

For example, Foam Strawberries are a delicious iteration of foam sweets, as are Foam Mushrooms. Those searching for modern takes on foam sweets can sample Drumstick Squashies, a foam version of the iconic lollipop.

There are also several unique treats that embrace the foam aesthetic that can still offer some originality. If you arre looking for a tangy take on foam sweets with Sweetzone Blue Foam Strawberries or Drumstick Squashies Sour and Apple.

There are even giant iterations of your favourite foams, including Giant Foam Bananas.

What Flavour are Foam Shrimps

One of the most commonly-asked questions regarding foam sweets is what flavour the Foam Shrimps are. The flavour of Foam Shrimps is raspberry, with the shrimp connection referring to its consistency, rather than the flavour.

To ensure that you are getting the best experience from Foam Shrimps, those with sweet tooth need to ensure that they are accessing the genuine Foam Shrimps, which SoSweet Pick n Mix offers in abundance with several other foam treats.

Why Shrimps and Bananas?

One of the most famous pairings of foam sweets is Assorted Foams, which mixes the pink shrimp with the bombastic foam banana, but why do shrimps and bananas go so well together?

Although the two items would struggle to gel in real life, the sweet iterations complement each other perfectly, as they are both infused with a delicious fruit flavour.

The beautiful banana taste melds perfectly with the raspberry flavour of foam shrimps, and the pairing soon becomes obvious when biting into these moreish treats.

If you want to fathom what all the fuss is about regarding shrimps and bananas, then why not order Assorted Foams from SoSweet Pick n Mix, or consider some modern alternatives, including Foam Bananas Giant.

Regardless of what your favourite foams are, making an order with SoSweet Pick n Mix is straightforward and simple, and with same-day dispatch and tracked delivery, there is never any need to wait for your delicious treats to be delivered.