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Although many people enjoy sweets, there are times when some ingredients need to be avoided. For example, those wanting to avoid sugar will consider sugar free options, whereas those only able to consume Halal food will need to ensure that the ingredients adhere to laws defined in the Koran.

However, there can be times when this is easier said than done, especially when shopping in the high street. More and more businesses are becoming aware of how important it is to outline whether products are Halal or not, but there are still times when those looking for a treat find themselves reading through the ingredients, only to be left in more confusion.

SoSweet understands it is not merely enjoying the treat that makes up the experience, but also the decision-making. However, this can be hampered when having to double-check the packaging, which is why SoSweet has a wide selection of Halal pick n mix that ensures enjoyment is part of the experience every time.

The following is a snapshot of some delicious Halal treats that can be ordered with prompt delivery as part of the service.

Cola Bottles

Cola Bottles are a recognised classic, but depending on where you buy these retro treats, the ingredients can differ. Those searching for Halal treats that can be ordered with ease need look no further than Cola Bottles, a Halal approved iteration of the classic treat.

Cola Bottles are just one of many treats that can be added to your pick-n-mix, and with a dedicated section, those searching for Halal treats can be confident that the sweet they order conforms with their lifestyle.

Fried Eggs

Fried Eggs are another classic that reminds people of the bygone days, and just like cola bottles, there are many variations of this classic sweet that leads to confusion regarding ingredients. Once again, SoSweet can step into the breach with a Halal version of the delicious fruity treat perfect for pick-n-mix.

Fizzy Sour Worms

Some people like sour sweets, whereas others like fizzy treats, but what about those that want to combine the two? If you like the extreme sour taste, then look no further than these bright and boastful Fizzy Sour Worms, a treat with a kick and a delicious fruity taste.

Jelly Worms

If you are a fan of gummy worms, but find the Fizzy Sour Worms too extreme? Then why not opt for the fruity Jelly Worms? Although there is no fizziness or sourness, the delicious fruity flavour is what many are searching for regarding gummy treats, and this is available in abundance when enjoying Jelly Worms.

Liquorice Cream Rock

It would be easy to assume that there is little of the way of choice regarding Halal liquorice treats, but this is not the case, especially when shopping with SoSweet for Halal pick-n-mix.

AN excellent example of this is Liquorice Cream Rock, delicious layers of liquorice with a fruity fondant filling that combine for a unique taste sensation.

Rainbow Pencils

Often considered the fruity alternative to Liquorice Cream Rock, rainbow pencils are made up of delicious fondant and fruity gummy outer layer that emulates the design of a pencil. If you have found yourself chewing on the end of your pencil when working, then why not make a swap with some delicious Rainbow Pencils when ordering your next bag of pick-n-mix?

Fizzy Watermelon Slices

Although not as recognisable as the other retro treats listed, those who have tried Fizzy Watermelon Slices often find themselves yearning for more. The refreshing watermelon taste is matched with a fizzy overture to create one of the most innovative fizzy treats to date.

If you are creating a bombastic mix of fizzy treats, then be sure to add Fizzy Watermelon Slice for the ultimate experience.

Foam Strawberries

Another treat with a focus on fruit is the Foam Strawberries. This chewy foam treat embraces the flavour of strawberries and creates a slight fuzzy sensation, but with none of the potency of other fizzy and sour-themed treats.

If you are searching for new experiences with sweets, but prefer fruit to fizzy, then Foam Strawberries are worthy of your consideration.

Giant Fizzy Cherry Bottles

Searching for a modern take on the fizzy cola bottle? Then look no further than the Giant Fizzy Cherry Bottles, a giant cherry-infused iteration of the classic cola bottle.

Offering a fizz that is not too much, Giant Fizzy Cherry Bottles are perfect for fans of cola bottles wanting to embrace new variations of their favourite sweet, and is one of many tangy treats available when shopping for Halal pick-n-mix with company name.

Finding treats that conform to your lifestyle can be time-consuming, and even frustrating in some instances. However, SoSweet has ensured that all its treats are clearly marked with full ingredients listed, so those wanting to get started with Halal pick-n-mix do not need to spend hours double-checking the contents of each treat.