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There was once a time when pick-n-mix was prevalent all over the United Kingdom, but in recent times, the choice available has dwindled. However, this is not to say that there are not any options available regarding pick-n-mix, as made evident by SoSweet Pick and Mix Online.

As well as being able to offer the treats you experienced as a child, SoSweet can also provide a wide series of options and new additions that allow customers to perfect their pick-n-mix and enjoy speedy delivery as part of the service.

The following is a mere overview of the treats that can be enjoyed when shopping with SoSweet, and can all be used to create the perfect pick and mix.

Turn Your Tongue a Multitude of Colours Using Tongue Painters

Although there are several sweets that can transform the colour of your tongue, it is the Tongue Painters that pack a punch regarding flavour, and one of several unique treats available when shopping with SoSweet.

These delicious gummies contain a series of fruity flavours that take on the guise of a paintbrush, and regardless of how old you are, painting your tongue a multitude of colours never becomes boring.

Marvel at the Simple But Delicious Taste of Milk Bottles

Over the years, there have been several sweets released based on different beverages, including cola bottles and beer bottles. However, those looking for a creamy tasting gummy will often choose Milk Bottles, and for good reason.

Although the concept of Milk Bottles may not sound as exiting as other beverage-themed treats, once you have tasted Milk Bottle, you soon understand what all the fuss is about.

Appreciate an Awesome Aniseed Taste Courtesy of Jelly Spogs

Anyone that enjoys Liquorice Allsorts will be familiar with the pink and blue treats that contain an aniseed taste. However, if you have not sampled the awesome aniseed taste of Jelly Spogs before, then why not make them part of your next pick-n-mix selection?

Jelly Spogs are best described as soft liquorice, covered in miniature pink and blue beads, and offer a unique taste that is a hit among both liquorice lovers and those that enjoy nostalgic treats.

Pint Pots Are Perfect for Those That Love Beer

Another beverage-themed sweet that was hit during the 70s and 80s is the Pint Pot. These unique gummies contain all the fragrance and flavour of beer, but with none of the alcohol, making them the perfect treat to share with all the family.

Pint Pors are also perfect for those searching for retro sweets, and like many other treats available from SoSweet, can be added to your own personal pick n mix and delivered to your door without delay.

Relish a Flourish of Fruity Flavours with Moreish Meerkat Jelly Sweets

Although SoSweet can provide customers with a wide range of recognisable treats, it can also offer inspiration with new and unique additions that embrace the culture of the 80s and 80s, including the Meerkat Jelly Sweets.

As the name suggests, these gummy treats are fashioned on iconic meerkat, which has enjoyed appreciation of late due to viral advertisements on television. The Meerkat Jelly sweets contain the same great texture and taste as other popular jelly sweets and are ideal for those wanting to add something new to their pick-n-mix.

Pontefract Cakes are Perfect for Those That Cannot Get Enough of Liquorice

Liquorice is a treat that continues to be in high demand, and those that cannot get enough will want to ensure that there is choice available, especially if they want to create a bag of pick and mix focused on their favourite treat.

Fortunately, SoSweet can offer an abundance of treats that are perfect for liquorice lovers, including Pontefract Cakes. Also referred to as Pomfret Cakes and Pomfrey Cakes, these tasty black discs are thick layers of liquorice that obtained their name from their original town of production, Pontefract.

As well as being a perfect choice for pick-n-mix focused on liquorice, Pontefract Cakes are also the perfect gift for those from Yorkshire pining for treats that remind them of home.

Midget Gems are Marvellous for Those Who Like to Make the Most of Their Treats

Although Midget Gems are often compared to Wine Gums, they are much smaller and offer a chewier texture. This is not to say that Wine Gums are not delicious, but those wanting to saviour their sweets will find more longevity when chewing Midget Gems.

Of course, to get the most from Midget Gems, it is important to ensure that you are buying the genuine product, which is why so many people choose SoSweet for their pick-and-mix and retro treats.