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The Fudge Factory Chocolate And Mint Fudge (150g)

£1.99 GBP

We have run out of stock for this item.

One of the remarkable things about chocolate is that it tastes fantastic with anything, be it caramel or chillies. However, one of the most perfect pairings over the years has been chocolate and mint.
Regardless of whether it is used as the foundation for a bar of chocolate or ice cream, chocolate and mint are a flavour pairing that will never go out of fashion, as made evident by the Fudge Factory Choc & Mint option.

This chocolate and mint flavoured fudge delivers the superb taste you would expect from such a fantastic meld of flavours, but also introduces the taste of fudge.

There have been many iterations of fudge over the years, and while the options available will offer a creamy and delicious taste, the options regarding flavour can be limited in some regards, unless you are shop for sweets with Pick ‘n’ Mix.

As well as being able to off the delicious Fudge Factory Choc & Mint option, it also provides countless other innovative flavours, including Jaffa Cake and Marzipan.
If you are looking for new and exciting iterations of fudge, or merely wanting to get the most from your pick and mix, Pick ‘n’ Mix can offer all this and more, thanks to prompt delivery and excellent customer service.


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